Topic: Deep Learning Research Directions: Computational Efficiency

What are the long-term research directions in deep learning? Here I discuss this by analyzing long-term exponential trends and current research papers.

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What is Deep Learning? - Machine Learning Mastery Deep Learning is Large Neural Networks. Andrew Ng from Coursera and Chief Scientist at Baidu Research formally founded Google Brain that eventually.

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Deep Residual Learning for Image Recognition - arXiv Deep Residual Learning for Image Recognition Kaiming He Xiangyu Zhang Shaoqing Ren Jian Sun Microsoft Research fkahe, v-xiangz, v-shren,

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Neural networks and deep learning The biases and weights in the Network object are all initialized randomly, using the Numpy np.random.randn function to generate Gaussian distributions with.

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Why Deep Learning Is Suddenly Changing Your Life - Fortune Some companies are already integrating deep learning into their own day-to-day processes. Says Peter Lee, cohead of Microsoft Research: “Our sales teams.

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DeepVis toolbox - Jason Yosinski Understanding Neural Networks Through Deep Visualization. Jason Yosinski, Jeff Clune, Anh Nguyen, Thomas Fuchs, and Hod Lipson Quick links: ICML DL.

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Learning a Deep Convolutional Network for Image Super. Citation Chao Dong, Chen Change Loy, Kaiming He, Xiaoou Tang. Learning a Deep Convolutional Network for Image Super-Resolution, in Proceedings of European.

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What is the VGG neural network? - Quora It usually refers to a deep convolutional network for object recognition developed and trained by Oxford's renowned Visual Geometry Group (VGG), which.

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Neural networks and deep learning In the last chapter we learned that deep neural networks are often much harder to train than shallow neural networks. That's unfortunate, since we have.

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Research Spotlight: BMXNet – An Open Source Binary Neural. Amazon Web Services is Hiring. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a dynamic, growing business unit within We are currently hiring Software.

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